Cover Action Pro for Photoshop

What is Cover Action Pro?

Cover Action Pro is a Photoshop Actions set that enable you to create high-definition 3D product shots.

Since 2005 Cover Action Pro has changed the way Internet Marketers presented their products and services on and off the internet. The Photoshop Actions alllow product developers and designers to convert their flat 2D cover images into 3D tangible looking graphics. The final result is a realistic looking product shot. Tests for CAP have also been known to increase sales and conversion rates by creating a since of tangibilty in the clients eye.

Produce multiple product covers, create a since of tangibility in your customers eyes. Give your product a polished finished look. Impress your clients. Start a business.

System Requirements

Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 running on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX. DVD drive. Speakers or headphones to hear videos.

You’ll find over 120 Photoshop Actions in 10 categories on this DVD. Everything from ebooks, binders, stationary, software boxes, and web graphics. Below you will find all the Actions contained on this one DVD.

Cover Action Pro Official Web Site