Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena – Trailer. The House of Batiatus is on the rise, basking in the glow of its infamous champion Gannicus. Poised to overthrow his father and take control a young Batiatus will freely betray anyone to ensure his gladiators are in the highest demand. With his loyal and calculating wife Lucretia by his side, they will stop at nothing to deceive the masses in this audacious prequel to “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.”

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Many of the far east movies have an incredible visual and emotional ambience. But we know China because of Kung fu movies especially Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s.The main facts that we love these films are the well-acting characters and the discipline and education that they have experienced one of the acrobatic branches of wu shu.

The stars who took place in several films for years(Jackie Chan and Jet Li) are finally getting together in Hollywood at the end of their careers.

I comment this situation as a reflection of “Jackie Chan’s getting old”. Age is an important factor even a “high conditioned man” and every movie means being injured, getting put in a plaster cast and filming some scenes again and again for these stars who they don’t use dubbers.

I think this movie is a high class movie that we didn’t watch for years. You know that “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” showed the world how a martial art movie can be represented with a fantastic coreography. Maybe some people who is familiar with performing arts could sniff at it. But the moviegoers witnessed the effort of stage designers, history and costume advisers, traditional china martial art masters than the actors and actresses’ efforts.

The scenes like dream, the incredible strong and fast actions that come true in a second, the cleverly game plans, team plays and the legendary characters who take place to all…


I am in a big expectation for this time too. We know Jet Li from “Hero” which represented China as a huge empire with a traditional situation.I guess you remember the 3 layered scenario and the represantation style of “Forbidden City”. You saw especially how the emperor holds the power and how he is in big position in China history.

Jet Li started his carrer with movies which included nationalist themes where they filmed in China. Only some fans of these films know “Once upon a time in China” series; the confliction of Wong Fei Hung against Americans which tells the time looking through the China perspective.

But it shouldn’t be understanded false; when he came to America Jet Li changed his fearless, agile, devil may care portrait with his long knitted hair in his early times. Hair was cutted, the black suits were worn.

I should certainly make mention of the movie “One” which was a science-fiction masterpiece, in my opinion. It is fantastic to come into with an action like this to the parallel universes. If you haven’t watched it yet , you should buy it as a DVD and watch.

Likewise “Romeo must die” is an extraordinary movie too.

The first scene of Jet Li’s appearence in Hollywood is a Chinese man profile who broke the pieces of Mel Gibson’s baretta in a second in Lethal Weapon 4.

He came out as a silent, dangerous and direful character to Western moviegoers.

I think “Danny the dog” is the most emotional film of Jet Li, he turns up trumps with his acting rather than his fighting.

In here, it is impossible to tell his all fimography because he has a lot of movies from Hong Kong cinema.

Jackie Chan

Let’s come to Jackie Chan. When i said his name you smiled, didn’t you? Funny. This is the first definition. He is the Jimm Carry of far east with his comic nose and waddling date from his youth movies. Wheras Jackie is not only a successful martial fighter also is a consuming actor. His acrobatic style, maybe knowing of a lot of Kung Fu animal style, moreover his talent of making simple objects, which we use in life (for example a shopping car, library), for his defense in the instant make viewers happy and it decreases the direful power of martial arts.

Jackie’s “Police Story” series are quite different.Also we should make mention of Armour of God II: Operation Condor: He escapes with two women from some dangerous men in a desert to find golds in a secret Nazi headquarter. This movie can not be told, it is lived.

Jackie’s first film in Hollywood is “Rumble in the Bronx” which included very dangereous scenes. After that “Rush Hour” series came which we laugh it very much. He showed us how to follow with making harms more than guilties with Chris Tucker.

Note: A very unkown thing about Jackie Chan is, he was a bit player to be beaten by Bruce Lee at early one of his first movies.

The Forbidden Kingdom

After all these reminders let’s see the movie. A young American(Michael Angarano) wants to learn Chinese martial arts lunatic. When he came across mysterious fight staff(club) at Chine Town in Boston he finds himself in archaic China.He joins two martial art master who is on a dangereous journey to carry a lost escrow to Monkey King.

The Production of Film

Film’s first works started in Gobi Desert/China at 2007 May. Costume and scenario studies were done with the actor and actresses before the film’s act of drawing.

The dialogs were tried often, revised for characters because of not speaking English with accent as a result of being Chinese. The first days Jackie Chan acted very comfortable,only there were drama and walking. Of course two master was curious about how it will happen working together. But Jackie mentions about his role-mate with praise and traditional Chinese considerateness: “For last 10 years if we consider about the actions, cycles, rhythms and natural reflexes i have never worked so comfortable with nobody. I have performed a lot of fighting scenes and usually you have to repeat everything for 10 times.

Forgetting the action ,undesirable reflexes of person are loss of time.But when i fought with Jet Li, botht of ours actions were so fast. If we tried these actions with normal actors we couldn’t do it at least 20 times.”

Yuen-Woo-ping who is the choreograph of the fighting scenes is a dabhand and work with Jackie for 15 years. He also worked in “Twin Dragons”.

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Jackie Chan Official Web Site

Jet li Official Web Site

Journey to the Center Of The Earth

Jules Verne is my shah of science-fiction and science authors date from my childhood. Everything he dreamed nearly came true. Like Nautilus “the nuclear submarine” or “The Moon Rocket”

The only book stands as a dream “Journey to the Center of the Earth” came to our cinemas this year with 3 dimensional effects.

There were skies, earth and inner world at thousand years ago’s world drawings. These dimensions which formed with layers each of them were agreed with the world origined universe for a long time.

Later when it was proved that the world moves around the sun, the center world info and inner world, lower layers info on this model were left. The world became terrestrial globe for everyone.

Wheras the continents are swimming islet on magma for scientists. Also the ocean cushions are on this magma layer too. Ok, what about more inside? As a result we couldn’t go center of the world but science has so strong observations that the inside of the planet can be nearly guessed. The center is also the source of the magnetic area.

I think you heard a lot of mind-expander questions like “what happens if it is gone past from Istanbul to China inside the world and is furnished a tube?”. Could the person who fell to the center with the impact of gravity go to the other side?

The book Jules Verne wrote in 1864 “Voyage au centre de la Terre” tells the story of a scientist’s adventure who used a deflated volcano and went into the center of the world in Iceland.

He sees dinosaurs, legendary ambiences standing from arcaic ages. I read this book like i am reading a fairy tale and i should confess this to see this film on cinema impressed me too much.

Brendan Fraser (Prof.Trevor Anderson), we know him from entertaining movies like “The Mummy”, Josh Hutcherson (Sean Anderson), Anita Briem (Hannah Asgeirsson) plays leading roles in this movie.

The process of the events are so entertaining and doesn’t give a chance to breath. Anyway you know that i am a 3d glass crazy. It is a crazyness that i created and told a lot of photos, videos and technique in it.

When we heard that we would have a chance to watch this extraordinary theme with 3d, of course we went to the cinema. 3 dimensional effects were incredible on this Real D supported movie.

We, the moviegoers, jumped from our seats, tried to catch the objects in the air. We laughed very much mostly because of delight.

Shortly if you have a chance please watch this movie with 3d, you will get a new experience.This is not like the photos which are looked with 3d glasses.They mostly get a image into to the picture. The polarize glasses’ that given to you before the movie functions are very different. They aren’t like the blue/red or red/green glasses that we know.

The problems i saw:

1) I wondered if the glasses get an UV cleaning?You braek bulk and use it and they collect them again. No you aren’t allowed to get them home. That’s why i wonder if they get a cleaning for hygiene.

2) If you already use a glass you have to put it on your glass. And it is not so wide so it sticks on it. I said ” i wish would have got my lens, how did i forget?” for a second. But it wasn’t bad as i thought. You can watch it with your own glasses too. :)


The stereoscopic 3d technology that was used in Beowulf, Chicken Little, Monster House etc…

With an artless expression; the images that are seen by left and right eyes polarized for one image and played in a very fast speed (like 72 images in a second). The polarized glasses that the movigoers use seperate regularly so that two eyes see different images (and make the image become a false 3d). DLP projectors are used mostly for this technology.

Official Real-D site:

How is the center of the earth by an academic perspective?

There are a lot of ways which were thought and tried to go to the center of the earth. You can read Japanese scientists’ “using the oceans cushions that the outer layers of the earth are very thin”. Project by this address:

According to a scientific theory that was suggested recently the middle of the world is hexagonal. Click to read this very very interesting and revolutional theory in Geography (with a simple English):

How the movie was filmed?

On the net site you can get a lot of fabulous infos about this movie. It is really a great site. For example by clicking the “behind the scene” button (at left top) you can see

the videos that how the filming was made. Especially you will see that the cast role in front of blue curtains even they fell from high, fell into the water or swam in the water. And all these scenes were filmed with 3d cameras. After that the CG designers created the background with computers.

And one more thing, don’t be scared from sound effects coming from site while surfing on the net.

Especially take atention the dinosaur’s, the sound was very up in my computer and suddenly i splashed.

When you click the book icon (in the middle) you can open the photo gallery. There are wallpapers

and screensavers too in same menu. For example one of them is that:

The entertaining site of “Asgeirsson Progressive Volcanology Institute” which appears in the film:

The Runic Alphabet

If you haven’t read the book yet i think you will read it. Anyway you will see this coded writing. If you want to explore this coded writing i’ll suggest wikipedia to you.

The comics of the book

Formerly the comics were made to make people love classic novels, because there wasn’t so film technology. You can read the comics of the book by cliking here:

You can click the picture instead of ” the next button”.

The game of the book

It was released by Nintendo:

It was also made by adapting from the book before the movie filmed in 2003. It wasn’t so good that the players gave 6/10. These are the advertisement links of this first game:

This isn’t the first trying of Hollywood of course.You can see the first movie filmed in 1959 here:

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Theatrical Trailer


Jules Verne:

The film in IMDB:

The technology of Real-D Cinema (3d):

Download the original of the book from the Gutenberg project by free:

The story of the book in Wikipedia: